A-MUD is an extension to the STx signal processing package developed at ARI and implements the method for the automatic detection and segmentation of ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs) of mice published in:

"Automatic mouse ultrasound detector (A-MUD): A new tool for processing rodent vocalizations"
Zala, S. M., Reitschmidt, D., Noll, A., Balazs, P., Penn, D. (2017); PLOS ONE

Download links

Installation instructions

  • Download STx installer.
  • Run the installer to install the program STx on your local PC.
  • Download the A-MUD package.
  • Extract all files of the zip-archive into a folder on your local disk
  • Follow the detailed instructions in the users manual (file amud1_manual.pdf, is part of the zip archive) to finish the installation and start working with A-MUD.