The ARI lab consists of five testing and measurement stations:

  • GREEN and BLUE (ISF Grün, ISF Blau): Two sound-booths (IAC-1202A) are used for audio recording and phonetic, psycholinguistic and psychoacoustic testing performed with headphones. Each of the booths is controlled from outside by a computer. Two bidirectional audio channels with sampling rates up to 192 kHz are available. The GREEN chamber is further equipped with a 128-channel EEG system (actiCHamp, Brain Products) and an eyetracking system (Eyelink 1000 plus, SR Research) with a sampling rate of up to 2000Hz. An ultrasound system for tongue imaging (Micro Speech Research Ultrasound System, Articulate Instruments Ltd.) for can variably be used in either chamber.
  • RED (ISF Rot): A visually-separated corner can be used for experiments with cochlear implant listeners. A computer controls the experimental procedure using a bilateral, direct-electric stimulation.
  • YELLOW (ISF Gelb): A Semi-Anechoic Room, with a size of 6 x 6 x 3 m, can be used for acoustic tests and measurements in a nearly-free field. As many as 24 bidirectional audio channels, virtual environments generated by a head mounted display, and audio and video surveillance are available for projects like HRTF measurement, localization tests or acoustic holography. 
  • PURPLE (ISF Lila): A semi-anechoic loudspeaker array studio with 91 loudspeakers and 2 subwoofers on a size of 3 x 3 m. The system can be controlled from outside in the control room, using a multichannel audio setup with 4 amplifiers and a computer.


The rooms are not only used for measurements and experiments, but also for speech recordings, speaker identification and survey reports.

During the breaks in experiments, the subjects can use an internet terminal or relax on a couch in the lounge while sipping hot coffee...



Piotr Majdak

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