Project Objective

This project aims to implement generally applicable database functions in STOOLS-STx as, for example, the access to sound and metadata management of segments and annotations (list, sort, select etc.). The essence (sound data), segmentations, and manually compiled and calculated annotations (e.g. wave band level) are the basis of an integrated sound database. The essential demand is that the original sound data remain unchanged. Therefore the metadata have to be filed in separate *.xml files. In this way, a dynamic management of the metadata will be possible, but only the sound files should be opened in a write-protected way.


The segment lists implemented in STx keep all the annotations linked to each individual sound segment. The segments stay in the context of the continuous sound recordings and enable segment addressing, which is made of the numeric terms, treatment, and tapping of the segments (including the acoustic surrounding).


Signal databases are the basis for practically all applications that use realistic sound material. The time frequency representation, statistics, main component analysis, cluster analysis, etc. belong to these signal databases. Furthermore, signal databases are used for the realization of subjective evaluations and psychoacoustic experiments. The STx databases use more than 100 sound files and thousands of segments in a very short time.


PACS: 43.50.Rq; Project: NOIDESc: Deskriptoren zur Bewertung von Lärmsignalen (FFG-809085, bmvit-isb2). PACS: 43.72.Fx; Project: Akustische Phonetik, Sprechererkennung.