STS-Austria: Living in Technoscientific Worlds. International Conference Celebrating the Launch of STS Austria

There is no doubt: we live in technoscientific worlds. Scientific knowledge and technological innovations have become key drivers of change in contemporary societies that restructure both our public and private lives. These observations have shaped the intellectual agenda of the interdisciplinary field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) for several decades. As the contemporary preoccupation with innovation brings forth ever new articulations of technoscience (including social sciences and humanities) and society, the underlying core questions have not lost their timeliness and relevance: How do we engage with broader issues of inclusion and exclusion (in terms of e.g. gender, class, culture, disability) associated with technoscientific innovations? How are societal values expressed through – and simultaneously stabilized by – these innovations? What counts as a legitimate setting from which to make knowledge claims in democratic societies? How do our critical methods of investigation translate into methods of intervention?

This conference celebrates the launch of STS Austria, a new professional organization and a sign of the vitality and maturation of the field in this country.

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