The Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) conducts curiosity-driven, application-oriented fundamental research at an internationally competitive level. In line with its risk-positive excellence strategy, the Academy especially seeks to support high-risk/high-gain research projects involving innovation-driving dynamics. To support such research projects, the ÖAW provides funding from the OeAW Innovation fund.


Applications for funding out of the Innovation Fund may be submitted on an open-topic basis for research-related investments that are characterised by their key role in the conception and/or implementation of highly innovative, venture-oriented research projects. Investment costs including costs of acquisition, installation, if any, (structural) adaptations, if applicable, training, maintenance contracts and comparable costs of preparation and associated costs are eligible for funding. Staff costs, rental costs or comparable recurring or follow-up costs payable in the course of the investment will not be funded. Investment projects granted commitments or ongoing funding from other programmes will not receive funding from the Innovation Fund (= no double funding). Applications can be submitted within a range of total costs from € 100,000 to € 300,000.

Acquisitions from the budget of the Innovation Fund will remain allocated to the applying ÖAW research institution.

Target group

Only the institutions of the research performing organization and the science-oriented units of OeAW may apply for funding.


Funding decisions are made in a process overseen by the Department of Research Funding - National and International Programmes. Applications that meet the formal requirements (see the "Application" section) will undergo an external expert evaluation and an internal plausibility check. The decision as to whether funding will be granted will be made by the Presiding Committee of OeAW. If the application is approved, the procurement process must be initiated promptly and not later than 40 working days of notification of the approval, and completed as quickly as possible.

The acquisition must be made by 31 December 2023; otherwise the approved funding will become forfeited.

Application process

The application must be submitted in English. Multiple applications by one OeAW research institution or joint applications by two or more OeAW research institutions may be submitted. The applications will be submitted by the head of the research institution or, in the case of joint applications, by the respective heads.

Components of the application:

1. Informal application (max 4,500 words) consisting of:

         Scientific presentation

  1. Description of the intended investment and its innovation-driving significance, including the Austrian and international research context.
  2. Plausibility of the costs requested in 6. and 7.
  3. Demonstration of use of the funds planned in the first year after acquisition as well as in the medium and long term (including staff planned for operation), also in relation to the existing equipment and existing/planned research focuses at the applying research institution(s).
  4. Reasons for the need for funding by the Innovation Fund.
  5. Presentation of the schedule for acquisition and use in the first year.

    Costs applied for (to be attached to the cost sheet; details in each case including VAT):
  6. Total cost
    1. Breakdown by category (e.g. installation, possible structural adaptations, training, maintenance, hardware, software, system components above € 1,500, etc.)

2. Cost sheet

Submussion deadline

Applications must be submitted electronically in the form defined below to the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Alexander Nagler, programmmanagement(at), Phone: +43 1 51581-1272 by 28 February 2023.



Proposal (template)

Cost sheet (template)

Names of the electronic documents (Word files, no protected documents, no passwords):

  • Proposal_ Abbreviation of the research institution(s).docx (= informal application)
  • Costs_ Abbreviation of the research institution(s).xlsx (= list of costs applied for)

Data protection and rules of good scientific practice:

By taking part in this call applicants acknowledge that the related data and documents will be forwarded to experts. The data and documents will be forwarded for the purpose of evaluation of the application and decision-making with regard to the award of funds (see also the Data Protection Information of OeAW).

ÖAW abides by the Guidelines of Good Scientific Practice of the Austrian Agency for Research Integrity (OeAWI). All applications will be checked for plagiarism using Similarity (Turnitin). Violations of the rules of good scientific practice will result in immediate exclusion of the application.


Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW)
Department for Research Funding - National and International Programmes
Dr. Alexander Nagler
E-Mail: programmmanagement(at)
Phone: +43 1 51581-1272; -1270