No one has had as great an influence on Austria’s academic landscape as Hans Tuppy: as a scientist, as rector of the University of Vienna, as president of the FWF, as president of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, as minister of science and in many other positions.

In order to honour the Austrian biochemist and his achievements, in 2016 the University of Vienna and the OeAW initiated a new lecture series to be held once a semester, with the University and the Academy alternating as host venues. The “Hans Tuppy Lectures” are given by outstanding scientists who have made a pioneering contribution to biochemistry or molecular biology.


Sir Paul Nurse
10 April 2018
How CDKs Control the Cell Cycle

The prevailing model of CDK control of the eukaryotic cell cycle is that a range of qualitatively different CDKs with differing substrate specificities bring about the various steps of the cell cycle.  In contrast to this model, in the fission yeast it is possible to bring about the whole of the cell cycle programme with a single CDK. The evidence supporting this proposal will be presented together with a phosphoproteomic analysis of the CDK substrates during the cell cycle. This work supports the idea that it is quantitative changes in CDK activity which are key for driving the different events of the cell cycle.

Maria Leptin
29 June 2017
Gestalt und Form

Hans Tuppy-Lecture
8 November 2016
Epigenetics & Rett Syndrome

Hans Tuppy-Lecture
14 April 2016
How to Build a Chromosome?