The Association of the Friends of the OeAW enhances the mutual exchange of knowledge.


In light of an ever increasing differentiation in the research landscape, the association is injecting scientific insights into the discourse in a comprehensible manner. With events such as the Joseph von Sonnenfels Lectures and cooperations with scientific institutions, the Association of the Friends of the OeAW enhances the interest and acceptance of the public for scientific matters.


The board with President Hubert Christian Ehalt and the advisory board are winning over excellent scientists for their vision: The public can gain direct insights into the scientific activities of the Academy and thus understand their social relevance.


Members of the Association of the Friends of the OeAW can choose from a comprehensive offer of events and information. For further information, click here:



The Association of the Friends of the OeAW provides its members with a varied offer. Members can choose from numerous options such as interdisciplinary discussions with OeAW scientists about exclusive privatissima, tours through research units and cooperations with scientific facilities and participating in public areas of academic meetings.

Please click here to become a member of the Association of the Friends of the OeAW. The annual membership fee for student members is 10 euro; the fee for physicist members is 40 euro, and the fee for judicial members amounts to 400 euro.


Association of the Friends of the OAW
Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2
1010 Wien

Andrea Traxler
T +43 1 51581-1510


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