The aim of open access publishing is to make scholarly publications and data available online free of charge, enabling quicker access to academic information and simplifying its use for further research.


The OeAW has pursued an open access policy for a number of years; for instance, many image archives, encyclopaedias, working paper series, journals, books and other online publications of the OeAW Press and extensive research findings by the OeAW’s institutes have been made available to the public.

Open access to research findings of the OeAW is provided by the free electronic repository EPUB.OEAW or via services specific to individual disciplines.

An overview of all open access publications of the OeAW is available here.


The working party “Open Access at the OeAW” promotes open access via a number of activities: besides providing infrastructure and information, it assists OeAW scholars with open access publishing.

Since 2019 the OeAW, administered by the OeAW Library, has supported open access publications by members of the OeAW via an Open Access Fund created specifically for this purpose.


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