The Presiding Committee is the Academy’s governing board and supreme executive body. It comprises the President, the Vice President and two Division Presidents. Currently the Presiding Committee is formed by President Anton Zeilinger, Vice President Arnold Suppan, Division President Oliver Jens Schmitt and Division President Georg Brasseur.

The members of the Presiding Committee are elected by the General Assembly of the full members of the Academy.  In line with the dual control principle, the President and the Vice President are responsible for the management and agendas of the OeAW’s research institutes and the two Division Presidents are responsible for the member activities of both OeAW divisions.


Anton Zeilinger

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Vice President

Arnold Suppan

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President of the Division of Humanities and the Social Sciences

Oliver Jens Schmitt

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President of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences

Georg Brasseur

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