Tumor on a Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC) patient-derived brain organoid
A joint mission by NASA and ESA to the double asteroid Didymos intends to show that the impact of a spacecraft can change the orbit of an asteroid.
Vienna as a testing ground for antisemitism
An experiment underway in the OeAW’s quantum laboratory to entangle light particle (photons). © ÖAW/Klaus Pichler
© ÖAW/Daniel Hinterramskogler
Eine Gruppe junger Frauen mit Masken sitzt zusammen und macht ein Foto von sich
Christiane Helling, new director of the Space Research Institute © www.chrisscottphotography.co.uk
Bei dem neuen Verfahren wird der Quantenzustand des Quantensimulators auf einem klassischen Computer aus wenigen Messungen rekonstruiert. Das neue Verfahren ermöglicht es auch, den auf einem klassischen Computer abgespeicherten Quantenzustand, mit dem Zustand im Labor zu vergleichen. © IQOQI Innsbruck/Harald Ritsch
For the first time since 2019, the ceremonial meeting could take place in the festive hall in the newly renovated main building of the Academy.
The individual panels of the Joint Academy Day were livestreamed and can be viewed on the OeAW YouTube channel
If the pandemic is overcome soon, life expectancy in Austria should increase again.
From coronavirus to quantum physics to archeology – in 2020, numerous important new scientific insights were gained at the OeAW.
Triage is about saving as many as possible if there is a disparity between the availability of emergency services and the number of injured people.
Their work fills library shelves: 44 Austrians are among the world's most cited researchers.
Researchers carefully uncovering the find for analysis