The primary task of the Academy Council is to monitor the management of the OeAW. The Academy Council has discretionary competence, therefore all major decisions of the Presiding Committee need its approval.

The Academy Council consists of 16 delegates who are elected by the General Assembly and of whom 4 are not members of the Academy. Additionally, within the Academy Council there is an audit committee whose tasks include monitoring the accounts and the efficacy of the internal control system.  

 Members of the Academy Council

NameFunction in the Academy CouncilDeputy
Andrea BartaFull member of the Division of Mathematics
and the Natural Sciences of the OeAW
Helmut Denk
Nicola Hüsing
Hans Lassmann
Gottfried Brem
Monika Ludwig (vice chair)
Monika Ritsch-Marte
Uwe Sleytr
Ernst BruckmüllerFull member of the Division of Humanities
and the Social Sciences of the OeAW
Johannes Koder
Bernhard Palme
Renate Johanna Pillinger
Christina Lutter
Herbert Matis
Christiane Wendehorst (chair)
Josef Zechner
Maria A. Stassinopoulou (vice chair)Corresponding Member of the OeAW in AustriaWilfried Ellmeier
Sofia Kantorovich Member of the Young Academy of the OeAWAlice Vadrot
Walter KnirschExternal financial expertN.N.
Gottfried Schellmann
Ralph EichlerExternal expertHorst Bredekamp
Luise Schorn-Schütte

For further information on the Academy Council see the By-laws of the OeAW and the Geschäftsordnung des Akademierats.

Members of the Academy Council 2011-2016


Permanent audit committee:

Walter Knirsch

Monika Ludwig (vice chair)

Gottfried Schellmann (chair)

Christiane Wendehorst