The OeAW is committed to providing equal opportunities for men and women. The Academy thus specifically supports women in their careers and aims to create a balance between the number of men and women employed by the OeAW.  The OeAW also seeks to continually raise the number of female members of the Academy.

The OeAW’s women’s promotion plan aims to increase the number of women in all fields and bodies at the Academy in which women have hitherto been underrepresented. It is also intended to raise awareness of both discrimination on the basis of gender and the research achievements of women.

The legal basis of the OeAW Women’s Promotion Plan is formed by the Federal Constitution, the Equal Opportunities Act (GlBG) and the statutes of the OeAW.

The OeAW’s Women's promotion plan

Equal Treatment

All employees of the Austrian Academy of Sciences should be able to develop their individual potential and their ability to perform in a climate characterised by openness and integration. That is what the concept of “diversity” stands for.

At the Academy, the Working Group on Non-Discrimination (AKG) deals with all questions and issues relating to equal treatment of women and men, the promotion of women as well as equal treatment without distinction on the grounds of ethnic, social or geographic affiliation or origin, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation.

The tasks of the Working Group include, among other things, the elaboration of proposals and recommendations as well as advice in all matters of promotion of women and equal treatment as well as participation in personnel matters, such as evaluation of employees or hearings for filling managerial positions (see in this regard the Bylaws of the AKG).

The Working Group’s activities in promotion of women and equal treatment additionally encompass conducting a mentoring programme (intranet) on advanced career development for the Academy’s younger generation of researchers as well as organising the Austrian Academy of Sciences public series, “Lectures on Gender and Diversity.”