Gender & diversity is a key topic for the OeAW. The Academy creates a non-discriminatory working environment and is committed to equality for all employees and members of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

The Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) strives to create a working and discourse environment in which all employees and members feel respected regardless of ethnic and national origin, gender and sexual identity, religion and ideology, disability and age. It is convinced that such a working and discourse environment has a positive effect on scientific and administrative tasks and thus strengthens the excellence of the OeAW. It is also the responsibility of the OeAW to take a clear stance against any form of discrimination and to counteract it.

The present Equal Opportunities Plan serves this purpose. It emphasises the importance of the aforementioned framework conditions, names the institutions that guarantee them, sets measurable goals and identifies the measures that contribute to achieving these goals. The Equal Opportunities Plan is the result of integrative discussions at the OeAW and it is a generally accepted orientation and guideline instrument.

Equal Opportunities Plan of the OeAW

Working Group on Non-Discrimination (AKG)

At the OeAW, the Working Group on Non-Discrimination (AKG) deals with all questions and issues relating to equal treatment regardless of gender, ethnic, social or geographical affiliation or origin, religion or ideology, age, or sexual orientation.

The tasks of the AKG include, among other things, preparing proposals and recommendations, advising the Presiding Committee on all matters relating to the promotion of women and nondiscrimination, and participating in personnel matters (see the Bylaws of the AKG).

The activities of the AKG also include implementing a mentoring program (internal) for the career development of the Academy’s younger generation of researchers and organizing the public OeAW series "Lectures on Gender & Diversity".


Patricia Kurucz
Chair of the Working Group on non-discrimination
Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 2
1010 Vienna

All inquiries or concerns regarding gender, diversity, and nondiscrimination are treated confidentially.

Working Group on Non-DiscriminatioN (internAL)