The Heritage Science Austria funding programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, which is financed by the National Foundation for Research, Technology and Development, sponsors scientists and cooperative initiatives by institutions, such as libraries, archives, museums, universities, non-university research institutions where research into cultural heritage is conducted.

Funded projects 2020/2021


Heritage science is a rapidly expanding multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research field that comprises any form of research into cultural heritage. Objects and collections in museums, libraries and archives and also archaeological sites and monuments which are especially worthy of preservation constitute the object of its research which is carried out by using a well-established and at the same time innovative methodology of heritage science. The interdisciplinary combination of natural sciences and humanities is of great importance in this context.

Through the Heritage Science Austria impulse programme the Austrian Academy of Sciences supports the contribution that heritage science can make towards the preservation of cultural heritage. The programme promotes and ensures the enhancement of the transfer of knowledge between the players of the preservation of cultural heritage and science, on the one hand, and the general public on the other. The project findings will be made available through open access.

Funding term

  • Maximum of 4 years


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