Working at the IWF

The support of young talents interested in space research is one of the main pillars of the IWF’s Young Researcher Program. Depending on the available budget, we offer four-weeks internships for pupils and one-to-six-months projects for undergraduates.

For further questions regarding the possibilities for pupils and undergraduates, please contact elvira.tschachler(at)

FFG - Talents internships for high school students

FFG - FEMtech Internships for Female Students

Science goes School

Since 2019, the young science initiative „Akademie im Klassenzimmer“ of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW) has aimed to bring together schools and researchers, including members of the IWF. The programme for 2023 contains eight lectures held by IWF members (Luca Fossati, Günter Kargl, Ruth-Sophie Taubner, and Martin Volwerk) and will be published soon.

Akademie im Klassenzimmer 2022

With the Young Science initiative, the OeAD, the Agency for Education and Internationalisation, also focuses on science education in schools, offering children and young people a variety of opportunities to get in touch with research institutions and work together. As a Young Science Ambassador, IWF researcher Günter Kargl visits schools in Styria and the surrounding area to report on his research focus.


OeAD-MagazinE #YoungScienceRocks

Master's Degree Programme „Space Sciences and Earth from Space“

NAWI Graz is a cooperation between the University of Graz and the Graz University of Technology in the area of natural sciences founded in 2004. The working group ESES (Earth, Space and Environmental Sciences) developed, among others, the Master's Degree Programme „Space Sciences and Earth from Space“, which offers the distinctive advantage of outstanding research facilities. Students of this master's degree programme become part of a scientific community that has turned Graz into Austria's capital of space. The students benefit not only from the expertise of two universities, but also that of non-university institutions in Graz like Joanneum Research and the IWF, which all work and teach in the area of space sciences and space technologies.

The expertise in Graz has contributed to (active) space missions for more than 40 years. This master's degree programme prepares students to play their own role in high-tech space projects.

More detailed information about the Master's Degree Programme Space Sciences and Earth from Space can be found on the website of the universities:

TU Graz  University of Graz

Österreichische Studienstiftung

With its Österreichische Studienstiftung (AustrianAcademic Scholarship Foundation) the OeAW supports talented, motivated and committed young people for the duration of their studies. The programme is aimed at students in the Matura with wide-ranging extracurricular interests and social commitment who are ready to take on responsibility and want to actively shape the future. The accepted scholars are supported for the duration of their studies and encouraged in their personal development. Details can be found on the OeAW website (in German only):

Österreichische Studienstiftung