Agency: OeAW/FRida & freD
Target: CoSA/Enceladus
Duration: 2020 - 2022
Instrument: An exhibition to mark the 50th birthday of the IWF (Co-PI)


Agency: NASA
Target: Mars
Duration: 2018 - 2022
Instrument: Physical Properties Package HP³ (Co-I)

Van Allen Probes

Agency: NASA
Target: Earth's magnetosphere
Duration: 2012 - 2019
Instrument: Electric and Magnetic Field Instrument Suite and Integrated Science - EMFISIS (Co-I)


Agency: ESA
Target: Earth's gravity field
Duration: 2009 - 2013
Instrument: Evaluation software (Co-I)


Agency: CNES
Target: Astronomy
Duration: 2006 - 2012
Instrument: 2D-Photometer (Co-I)

Venus Express

Agency: ESA
Target: Venus
Duration: 2005 - 2014
Instruments: Magnetometer MAG (PI/Lead), Plasma Analyzer ASPERA-4 (Co-I)


Agency: ESA
Target: Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Duration: 2004 - 2016
Instruments: Atomic force microscop MIDAS (PI/Lead), Dust mass spectrometer COSIMA (Co-I), Penetrator MUPUS (Co-I), Magnetometer ROMAP (Co-I),  Magnetometer RPC-MAG (Co-I)

Double Star

Agency: CNSA/ESA
Target: Earth's magnetosphere
Duration: 2003 - 2007
Instruments: Satellite potential control ASPOC (PI/Lead), Magnetometer DSP-MAG (PI/Lead), Magnetometer DSE-MAG (Co-I), Ion mass spectrometer HIA (Co-I), Electron spectrometer PEACE (Co-I)

Deep Space 1

Agency: NASA
Target: Asteroid Braille, Comet Borrelly
Duration: 1998 - 2001
Instrument: Magnetometer (Co-I)


Agency: IKI
Target: Earth orbit
Duration: 1998 - 2001
Instrument: Magnetometer SPRUT-MAG (PI/Lead)


Agency: NASA / ESA
Target: Saturn, Titan
Duration: 1997 - 2017
Instruments: Aerosol analysator ACP (Co-I), Mass spectrometer GCMS (Co-I), Lightning detector HASI (Co-I), Radio- and plasma waves RPWS (Co-I)


Agency: DLR
Target: Earth's magnetosphere
Duration: 1997 - 1998
Instruments: Satelllite potential control PCD (PI/Lead), Magnetometer MAM (PI/Lead), Electron beam experiment EDI (Co-I), Ion spectrometer ESIC (Co-I)


Agency: IKI
Target: Earth magnetosphere
Duration: 1995 - 2000
Instruments: Satellite potential control RON (PI/Lead), Radio emission AKR-X (Co-I)


Agency: ASA/IKI
Target: Earth orbit
Duration: 1991
Instrument: Ion beam experiment LOGION (PI/Lead)


Agency: IKI
Target: Mars, Phobos
Duration: 1988
Instruments: Magnetometer MAGMA (PI/Lead), Plasma experiment TAUS (Co-I), Plasma experiment SOVICOMS (Co-I), Mass spectrometry DION (Co-I),  Mass spectrometry LIMA-D (Co-I)

Vega 1 / Vega 2

Agency: IKI
Target: Venus, Comet Halley
Duration: 1984 - 1986
Instrument: Magnetometer MISCHA (PI/Lead)

Spacelab 1

Agency: ESA/NASA
Target: Earth's magnetosphere
Duration: 1983
Instruments: Magnetometer (Co-I), Electron spectrometer (Co-I)

Venera 13 / Venera 14

Agency: IKI
Target: Interplanetary space, Venus
Duration: 1981 - 1982
Instrument: Magnetometer ASM (PI/Lead)