Gender & Diversity is a central issue for the OeAW - and thus also for the IWF. The Academy and its institutes work continuously to create and maintain a working environment free of discrimination and are committed to equality for all employees.

All members of the OeAW should be able to develop their individual potential and performance in a climate characterised by openness and integration. They should be supported in their various phases of life and careers.

The Equal Opportunities and Women's Advancement Plan (Gleichstellungs- und Frauenförderungsplan) serves to implement the requirements for equality and equal treatment in the sense of equal opportunities for all, the compatibility of work and family, the raised awareness of diversity, and the further sensitisation for equality-related topics in science and society.

Gleichstellungs- und Frauenförderungsplan (in German only)


Working Group on Non-Discrimination - Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen (AKG)

At the OeAW, the Working Group on Non-Discrimination (AKG) deals with all questions and concerns relating to equal treatment.

The tasks of the AKG include drawing up proposals and recommendations, advising the presidium on all matters relating to the advancement of women and equal treatment, and participating in personnel matters.

The activities of the AKG also include the implementation of a mentoring programme for the career development of young researchers at the Academy as well as the organisation of the public OeAW event series "Lectures on Gender & Diversity".

Dr. Barbara Haberl
Chair of AKG
Vordere Zollamtsstr. 3
1030 Vienna

All enquiries or concerns about gender, diversity and equality are treated confidentially.

Arbeitskreis für Gleichbehandlungsfragen (Internal, in German only)


Further Contacts

Further contacts within the Workers Council, the AKG and on health, disability and occupational safety issues are summarised here:

IWF Contact Persons (INTERNal)