Communicating Science

The IWF is very active in communicationg science and sharing its knowledge with the wider public. One example is the exhibition MISSION POSSIBLE!, which was designed to celebrate the institute's 50th anniversary and was vsited by 15,000 people. Currently, IWF's exoplanet researchers present their studies on extraterrestrial atmospheres in the Mobile Pavilion, which is part of the exhibition Showing Styria (duration: 29 April – 5 November 2023).

Every year, sixty European engineering and science students are selected to participate in the Summer School Alpbach, a ten-day learning opportunity, which is co-organized by the IWF. The two-day lecture series Graz in Space, which from 7 to 8 September 2023 will take place for the tenth time, is aimed at people who do not have a scientific background.

Opening doors

Every two years the IWF opens its (laboratory) doors, taking visitors into the vastness of space during the Austrian Long Night of Research (LNF - Lange Nacht der Forschung). The next LNF will be held on 24 May 2024. In the picture gallery you can find impressions from the past years. For several years, the IWF has participated in the European Researchers' Night, presenting the space activities "made in Graz" to the Viennese public. The topic of 2023 will be Jupiter and its icy moons.

Sharing enthusiasm

Contact with young researchers is particularly important to the IWF. Once a month, guided tours through the laboratories and the planetary garden are offered to share the fascination of space with the young visitors and thus to encourage their natural and technical interest. The goal is to, to inspire children and young people in the long term, so that they might to pursue a career in the natural sciences or technology.

The support of young talents interested in space research is one of the main pillars of the IWF’s Young Researcher Program. Depending on the available budget, we offer four-weeks internships for pupils and one-to-six-months projects for undergraduates.

Presenting research topics

In the IWF colloquium and seminar series, international guest speakers (colloquium) and local speakers (seminar) inform about current research topics and scientific results every Thursday. The summer months are lecture-free. Older lectures can be found on the IWF YouTube channel.

Strenghtening networks

The IWF organizes scientific conferences and meetings, such as the Graz-Vienna Exoplanet Scientist Meeting, to strengthen connections between Austria's working in the field of space research.

3, 2, 1, ... lift off

The most exciting moment for IWF's engineers and scientists is the moment when the measuring instrument, which has been developed and built during the last years, lifts off into space. At regular launch events - most recently on the occasion of the launch of ESA's JUICE mission - the public can participate in these exciting minutes, follow the rocket launch live on a large screen and learn about the Austrian contributions to the respective space mission.

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