The J-MAG magnetometer suite aboard JUICE will characterise the Jovian magnetic field, its interaction with the internal magnetic field of Ganymed and study the subsurface oceans of the icy moons. 

J-MAG was built under the leadership of Imperial College London to measure the DC magnetic field vector and magnitude (in the bandwidth DC to 64 Hz) in the spacecraft vicinity. It will use a conventional, dual sensor fluxgate configuration of mature design and considerable space flight heritage combined with an absolute scalar sensor (MAGSCA) based on more recently developed technology. The three magnetometer sensors will be boom-mounted, with the scalar sensor at the tip of the 10.5 m long boom.

This new type of scalar magnetometer (CDSM), which has experienced its space approval aboard the Chinese CSES mission, was developed by IWF in close cooperation with the Institute of Experimental Physics of Graz University of Technology.

The image MAGSCA Flight Model by Andreas Pollinger/IWF/OEAW is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

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