The Radio and Plasma Wave Investigation (RPWI) instrument will investigate the radio emissions and the plasma environment of Jupiter and its icy moons using many different sensors. There will be four Langmuir probes located at the tips of four 3 m long booms to measure the plasma density, plasma temperature, and the electric field. A search coil magnetometer will be used to measure AC magnetic fields up to 20 kHz in three dimensions. It is mounted on the 10 m long magnetometer boom not far from the Radio Wave Instrument (RWI), which will measure the AC electric fields from 80 kHz to 45 MHz and consists of three orthogonal antennas with a length of 2.5 m each.

RPWI was developed and built under the lead of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF Uppsala). The main task of IWF was to calibrate the RWI antennas, since only a calibrated instrument can retrieve the correct values for intensity, polarisation and incoming wave direction of a radio wave.