Are you at the beginning of your scientific career and would like to dive deeper into the worlds of exoplanets? Are you fascinated about their potential atmospheres and would like to explore their secrets by using the latest data from current satellite missions? Or help building space instrumentation? Would you like to investigate protoplanetary disks or the impact of the solar wind on Earth’s magnetosphere? Then become a part of the Young Researcher Program in Graz (YRP@Graz), Austria’s space capital city!

The Space Research Institute (IWF) in Graz has been a leading institution in space research for more than half a century. The IWF has been involved in numerous space missions and hosts eight research groups in different fields of astrophysics.

Besides the scientific work, a main objective of the IWF is also to offer education and training to future scientists. Therefore, the

Young Researcher Program in interdisciplinary space science and planetary research

at the IWF in collaboration with our partners - the Graz University of Technology and the University of Graz - is established. PhD students will be enabled to gain first experiences in science.

Our expectations:

  • We look for early career researchers who are interested in an interdisciplinary exchange based on a solid university education in at least one subject of natural sciences or engineering.
  • We aim for PhD candidates who would like to actively join our YRP@Graz initiative, helping to develop the tradition of the involved institutes.
  • We look for excellent researchers who have the courage to cross scientific borders in a responsible way and to support our international societies with their research.
  • We search for team players who aspire to continue their skill development as well as to support the research location Graz.

3 steps to become part of YRP@Graz

Check out open projects

YRP@Graz seeks excellence. We offer a broad variety of interdisciplinary PhD projects within the fields of astronomy/astrophysics and space instrumentation. Each of the projects profits from joint supervision across at least two research groups at the IWF, the TU Graz, and/or the Uni Graz. The projects of the application round 2023 can be found here.

Apply for a YRP PhD position

YRP@Graz strives to regularly open calls for vacant position within the programme. We aim for an inclusive application process. The application process is two-staged and starts with an anonymous questionnaire. A summary of the 2022 application round can be found here.

Be a PhD student at YRP@Graz

YRP@Graz offers a platform spanning over three research institutions. This allows to build up a broad network offering not only a solid education but also further trainings important for the next generation of scientists.


All three involved institutions (IWF/ÖAW, TU Graz, and Uni Graz) follow a policy of diversity, equality, and equal opportunities. Individuals from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply to YRP@Graz.

For further questions, please contact christiane.helling(at) or ruth-sophie.taubner(at)