Personen der Moderne Basis (PMB)

PMB is a common foundation for entities (individuals, works, places, institutions, and events) relevant to editing projects on Viennese Modernism, Vienna around 1900, and the Fin de Siècle. Five years after the project's inception, 25,000 individuals and 50,000 entities have been identified, along with just as many relationships between these entities. The technical foundation is based on the APIS developed at ACDH-CH.

Currently, the main focus is on individuals and entities mentioned in the works of Arthur Schnitzler and Karl Kraus, but other projects are also involved. A fundamental benefit lies in the collection of Linked Open Data (LOD) URIs, enabling integration into the Semantic Web. Network analyses can be easily conducted through APIS-Hub.

Project Duration

1 January 2018 ­– 31 December 2025



Peter Andorfer

Ingo Börner

Martin Anton Müller