As part of its mission to support and nurture digital humanities research, the ACDH-CH aims to provide a platform for academic discourse and networking, and invests in the dissemination of knowledge and know-how both within the digital humanities community and beyond it.

Besides organising larger stand-alone conferences, the ACDH-CH also curates and hosts two recurring event series, each with three instalments a year: the ACDH-CH Tool Galleries and the ACDH-CH Lectures


ACDH-CH Tool Galleries (formerly ACDH Tool Galleries) are workshops dedicated to providing information and hands-on training in the use of specific digital humanities tools. Led by experts with first hand experience in the application of these digital methods, the tool galleries are a service open to everyone but directed, in particular, at humanities scholars who would like to learn about and engage with computer-based methods in order to implement them in their own research.


ACDH-CH Lectures (formerly ACDH Lectures) bring international experts to Vienna and aim at fostering exchange and communication on a transnational level. In their talks, scholars from various areas of the digital humanities reflect on the impact of digital methods in their chosen field of study and offer insight into exemplary research practice from around the world.