History through the Viewfinder

‘History through the Viewfinder’. An online exhibition about press photography in Austria 1945–1955.

‘War of Pictures – History through the Viewfinder’ is an online multimedia exhibition which presents, contextualizes and analyzes the visual media landscape in post-World War II Austria in ten chapters.

It draws its material from the research project ‘War of Pictures. Austrian Pressphotography 1945-1955’, conducted by Fritz Hausjell at the department of communications of the University of Vienna. The results of the project are now being brought to a broader audience with the help of the ACDH. Based on up-to-date web technology like Drupal 8 and AngularJS, the rich, interactive web application implemented by the ACDH is designed to make the topic accessible for the general public, in particular for secondary-grade students. Moreover, the online exhibition will be at the centre of a series of school workshops developed by the Fachdidaktikzentrum Geschichte, Sozialkunde und Politische Bildung of the University of Vienna.

The project is funded by the FWF WISSKOMM scheme (project number WKP 43).