Digitizing Early Farming Cultures

DEFC (Digitizing Early Farming Cultures) is a project conducted in cooperation between the Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology (OREA) and the ACDH.

The DEFC-App is an application for curating, exploring, and retrieving archaeological datasets. Core assets of the application are its data model, a well curated controlled vocabulary, and the usage of established norm data records (Geonames, GND), which makes the handling and normalization of very heterogeneous data sets possible.

The application, developed by the ACDH, is built upon Django, a Python web framework that uses common JavaScript libraries like Tablesorter or Leaflet for organizing, visualizing and presenting the data on the front end, which enhances the applications reusability and reduces the amount of bugs.

Albeit the developing process is far from being completed yet, the code as well as a running version of the application are publicly available. Comments, feedback, or encouragement will be highly appreciated.


  • Aspöck, E. 2022. Digitizing Early Farming Cultures (DEFC) [Data set]. https://hdl.handle.net/21.11115/0000-000D-3979-C.
  • Andorfer, Peter, Edeltraud Aspöck, Matej Ďurčo, Anja Masur, and Ksenia Zaytseva. The DEFC-App: A Web-based Archaeological Data Management System for ‘Digitizing Early Farming Cultures’.


Peter Andorfer
Ksenia Zaytseva

Project duration

01 January 2015 – 31 December 2017

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