Tell el Daba – A Puzzle in 4D

Digital preservation and reconstruction of an Egyptian palace

Tell el-Daba –A Puzzle in 4D’ is a project dealing primarily with harmonizing, digitizing, long term archiving and making accessible archaeological data (see here for a detailed project description). The data which the project deals with was gathered over the last 50 years in the context of excavations at Tell el-Daba (TED) in Egypt. Field drawings, sketches, photographs and other research materials are currently being digitized and systematically described by OREA.

The role of the ACDH-CH is to make this heterogenous data sets accessible through an online platform and assure the long time accessibility of this material.


The project consists of two main parts

1. Creation of an archive to ensure the preservation of analogue and digital TED resources including the digitization of analogue resources, enrichment with metadata for long-term archiving and open-access online publication.

2. Development of a tool for the integration of data according to their spatio-temporal relationship and for 4D post-excavation processing of excavation legacy data LBI ArchPro

Project duration

2015 – ongoing

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