Online Edition of Arthur Schnitzler’s Literary Correspondences II

Arthur Schnitzler is among the most important Austrian authors and was a prolific and well- connected letter-writer. However, his correspondence has only been published in part. The  project expands the digital edition of his correspondence with fellow writers edited between 2018–2021. It will make the following seven hitherto unpublished correspondences available in a critical digital edition: The complete exchanges with Felix Salten (1869–1945), Paul Goldmann (1865–1935), Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830–1916), Auguste Hauschner (1850–1924), Marie Herzfeld (1855–1940) and Karin Michaëlis (1872–1950). In total, these will be 1,500 letters.

Their edition will include facsimiles and critical transcriptions, as well as further development of the several digital tools developed within the first project, including the the web service PMB with nearly 20,000 entities (persons, places, locations, organisations events) and the Schnitzler diary online which is already closely integrated into the letter edition and provides highly interesting material for comparative analysis. The data created is specifically prepared for re-use and long-term availability. The project will enable and include research on scholarly aspects, most importantly, on intertextuality in Schnitzler’s writings, the creation of his public personae, prosopographical analysis, and a contribution to correspondence studies. Thus the project will reach two milestones in Schnitzler-correspondence edition: Adding the correspondences with Salten and Goldmann to the exchanges with Bahr, Beer-Hofmann, Hofmannsthal already edited, it will be possible for the first time to grasp Schnitzler’s professional network at his literary beginnings in its entirety. Also, all the total of the author’s correspondences with female writers will be available to research.

Project duration

15 July 2021 – 14 July 2024