Jelinek online. Elfriede Jelinek: work and reception

Since the beginning of January 2020, Jelinek’s oeuvre and its artistic and scientific reception worldwide is digitally and bibliographically documented and commented. This project, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF project no. P 32097-G30), is being led by Ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Pia Janke, Elfriede Jelinek-Forschungszentrum. The ACDH-CH is the national research partner for the technical realization of the project. The entire information, data, comments since the print version, released in 2014, Elfriede Jelinek: Work and Reception as well as the newly researched data are made accessible for everyone who is interested as an open-access-information.

During this process, the contentual dimension of the disclosure of work and reception is revised and broadened. This way, contentual interrelationships are made clear by linking information within the portal as well as to texts and secondary literature. Starting from the research done on Jelinek, the keyword system is expanded, which connects the works, interviews, artistic adaptions of the works thematically and becomes an integral part of the interlinked search function of the portal.

Another objective of this project is the integration of the archive catalogue in the portal in order to achieve an interlinkage with the archive inventory of the Elfriede Jelinek-Forschungszentrum.

Jelinek online is a cooperation project of the "Interuniversitären Forschungsverbunds Elfriede Jelinek der Universität Wien und der Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien".

Numerous cooperation partners and international experts contribute to the project. Detailed information on all partner institutions for the project, on the international research committee and the international scientific partners for the project are available on the webpage of the Elfriede Jelinek-Forschungszentrum.


Vanessa Hannesschläger 

Daniel Schopper 

Project duration

1 January 2020 - 31 December 2023


Project leader: Pia Janke

Scientific coordinator (Interuniversitärer Forschungsverbund Elfriede Jelinek): Sabrina Weinzettl

Scientific project team (Elfriede Jelinek-Forschungszentrum): Tatjana Griessler, Christian Schenkermayr, Susanne Teutsch

Team national cooperation-partner for the project (ACDH-CH): Carl Friedrich Haak, Vanessa Hannesschläger, Stefan Resch, Daniel Schopper


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