The project "WBÖ-Retrodigitisation" is closely related to the ÖAW long-term projectDictionary of Bavarian Dialects in Austria / Wörterbuch der bairischen Mundarten in Österreich (WBÖ). Since 2018, the publication platform for all new dictionary articles from letter F onwards has been the Lexical Information System Austria / Lexikalisches Informationssystem Österreich (LIÖ), which - like the WBÖ project and its team - is integrated into the research department "Linguistics" at the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH). The preceding letter sections A-E (with approx. 75,000 keywords) of the WBÖ were published in printed volumes by the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press between 1963 and 2015.

The aim of the project "WBÖ-Retrodigitisation" is now, firstly, to record the contents of these printed WBÖ volumes as full texts and, secondly, to integrate these, together with the successively newly published WBÖ articles, into LIÖ and publish them digitally. The starting point is the TEI-compliant XML data of the old WBÖ articles, which will be made more detailed by semantic tagging (information enrichment), without any changes being made to the content of the material. The result of the TEI transformation is well-formed and valid TEI XML that is structurally aligned with the new WBÖ articles and can be flexibly integrated into the appearance of LIÖ through editorial post-processing and appropriate rendering. The semantic processing thus enables an integration of the old WBÖ articles into LIÖ, a higher searchability of all WBÖ articles (old as well as new) and thus also creates the basis for more interoperability. Furthermore, in addition to the retro-digitised articles, the digitised copies of the original printed article will also be viewable in LIÖ.

The project "WBÖ-Retrodigitisation" is carried out in close cooperation with the infrastructure environment of ACDH-CH and the publishing house of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press.

Project Duration

1 June 2020 ­– 31 December 2024



Markus Kunzmann

Alexandra N. Lenz

Philipp Stöckle


Project Partner

Austrian Academy of Sciences Press