Anton Bruckner Lexikon Online (ABLO)

The Anton Bruckner Lexikon Online (ABLO) – part of the research platform – is an extension and update of the reference work published in 1996 by Uwe Harten (Anton Bruckner. A Handbook).

The encyclopaedia, compiled with the help of numerous international experts, covers people, places, terms and all of Bruckner’s works in more than 1,000 entries, with numerous illustrations and musical examples. In the “Reception” section, thanks to foreign collaborators, it has been possible for the first time to publish geographically broadly distributed texts. Christian K. Fastl, who shares the editorship of the encyclopaedia with Andrea Harrandt, took over the project management in 2016. From the beginning, the Data Working Group of the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, headed by Daniel Schopper, was responsible for the technical implementation.

Project Duration

1 September 2016 ­– 31 December 2021


Project Lead/Contact

Christian K. Fastl



Christian K. Fastl

Andrea Harrandt



Clemens Gubsch

Karoline Hochstöger

Evelyn Szabo