The Central Office is the logistical backbone of the institute, including personnel administration, project management as well as network and outreach. It aims to efficiently connect all involved partners, encourages them to share their knowledge and expertise and communicates the processes and results of digital research to the academic community and society at large.

If you’re interested in working together with the ACDH-CH, get in touch with us via: acdh-helpdesk(at)

For any other issues, please contact: ACDH-CH-Office(at)



Our Team


Giulia Cola has joined the ACDH-CH team in 2022. As a point of intersection between the department of musicology and the Central Office, she is responsible for different matters regarding administration. At the Central Office she is of great support managing between different departments and taking care of various tasks. She is currently on leave.


Amelie Dorn is part of the Consulting & Project Management team since 2023 where she supports researchers along different stages of the proposal submission process. She also contributes to “The ABCs of Dialects” and “DWA Austria – Pilot study” projects. During Veronika Gründhammer's leave she also works with the Central Office, cooperating closely with project leaders.


Veronika Gründhammer, at the ACDH-CH since 2017, provides essential support to the various projects at the ACDH-CH including preparation of reports for funders, communication with national and international project partners. In her role she cooperates closely with project leaders. She is currently on leave.


Selina Hofbauer joined the Central Office in 2023 and is responsible for the financial reporting of cooperation projects at the ACDH-CH during Veronika Gründhammer's absence.


Sandra Lehecka has been a team member of the ACDH-CH since 2016 and is currently on leave. She is responsible for managing the content of the ACDH-CH website, ACDH-CH Social Media channels (Twitter and YouTube) and the ACDH-CH corporate and graphic design (e.g., event posters, print publications, and event materials).


Amsel Miesenberger, at the ACDH-CH since 2021, is part of the Central Office's communication team working on the ACDH-CH-website, Twitter and YouTube account and in internal communication. Also, he is the point of intersection between the Central Office and the research unit Literary&Textual studies, responsible for their administrative matters. During Giulia Cola's leave, he is also working with the research unit Musicology.


Claudia Millmann, has been working at the Academy since 2011. She helped to start the ACDH and is now in charge of the ACDH-CH institute’s office management. She takes care of all everyday issues and is the institute’s first contact point in all administrative matters.


Barbara Piringer started working at the Academy in 1992 and became part of the Central Office team in 2020. Her activities relate to both internal administrative responsibilities and external representation tasks. She is part of the communications team and, among other things, one of the contact persons for the institute's website and Twitter. During Giulia Cola's leave, she takes care of various administrative tasks for the research unit Musicology.



Nicole Zehetmayer-Lorenz has been working at the Academy since 2013 (Grantservice) and joined the ACDH-CH Team in 2022. In her role as Central Office Coordinator she is responsible for all personnel agendas at the Institute and provides support in the areas of project administration and project proposals.