Mag. Dr.

Martin Anton Müller

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… is busy editing Arthur Schnitzler’ correspondence with fellow writers.

With this project, Martin continues his series of scholarly editions of texts from the Vienna literary scene around 1900, which has hitherto focused on two figures of international fame: Arthur Schnitzler and Hermann Bahr. His latest publication was the hybrid edition of the exchange between Schnitzler and Bahr (2018). In retrospect, this shows itself as the first step of his current project at the ACDH-CH. Other publications include a critical edition of Schnitzler’s novellette Die Toten schweigen (2016), the correspondence between Bahr and Arno Holz (2015) and a directory listing more than 5000 of Hermann Bahr's texts (2014).

Martin studied German literature and trained as an art teacher. He gained his PhD in philosophy at the university of Vienna with a thesis titled "On children’s entitlement to beat their parents (France 1748–1766)". Even though he had already chosen computer science over latin in high school and has a track record of actually liking LaTeX, his dedication to digital editing has been shaped only recently by the everyday necessities and problems of dealing with texts and their proper representation.

Publications (Before ACDH)

  • Hermann Bahr, Arthur Schnitzler: Briefwechsel, Materialien, Dokumente. Eds. Kurt Ifkovits, Martin Anton Müller. Göttingen: Wallstein 2018.
  • Arthur Schnitzler: Die Toten schweigen. Historisch-kritische Ausgabe. Ed. Martin Anton Müller (with collaboration from Ingo Börner, Anna Lindner and Isabella Schwentner). Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter 2016. (Works in scholarly editions, ed. Konstanze Fliedl)
  • Die Frau des Weisen. Ed. Konstanze Fliedl and Evelyne Polt-Heinzl (with collaboration from Anna Lindner, Martin Anton Müller and Isabella Schwentner), 2016.
  • Frau Bertha Garlan. Ed. Gerhard Hubmann and Isabella Schwentner (with collaboration from Anna Lindner and Martin Anton Müller), 2015.
  • Hermann Bahr, Arno Holz: Briefwechsel 1887-1923. Ed. and with notes from Gerd-Hermann Susen and Martin Anton Müller, Göttingen: Wallstein 2015.
  • Martin Anton Müller: Hermann Bahr - Textverzeichnis. Collaboration Achim Heerde and Kurt Ifkovits. Weimar: VDG 2014.
  • Martin Anton Müller, Claus Pias, Gottfried Schnödl (eds.): Hermann Bahr - Österreichischer Kritiker europäischer Avantgarden. Bern et. al.: Peter Lang 2014. (Jahrbuch für internationale Germanistik, Reihe A, Kongressberichte, Vol. 118.)
Articles and book chapters
  • Martin Anton Müller: Neuerscheinungen zu Arthur Schnitzler. In: Studia Austriaca, Vol. 24 (2016), pp. 95-108, online:
  • Martin Anton Müller: Hermann Bahr und Arthur Schnitzler im Konservatorium: Cherchez la femme! In: Susanne Hochreiter Ein Zoll Dankfest. Texte für die Germanistik. Konstanze Fliedl zum 60. Geburtstag. Würzburg: Könighausen & Neumann 2015, pp. 43-49.
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  • Martin Anton Müller: Review of: ACHIM AURNHAMMER (ed.): Arthur Schnitzlers Lektüren: Leseliste und virtuelle Bibliothek (2013). ACHIM AURNHAMMER: Arthur Schnitzlers intertextuelles Erzählen (2013). BOMBITZ, ATTILA und KÁROLY CSÚRI (eds.): Wege in die Seele. Ein Symposium zum Werk von Arthur Schnitzler (2013). In: Jahrbuch für Internationale Germanistik, Vol. 47 (2015) No. 1, pp. 149-152.
  • Martin Anton Müller: Das Selbstbildnis als Quelle. In: M. A. M., Claus Pias, Gottfried Schnödl (eds.): Hermann Bahr - Österreichischer Kritiker europäischer Avantgarden. Bern et. al.: Peter Lang 2014. (Jahrbuch für internationale Germanistik, Reihe A, Kongressberichte, Vol. 118.), pp. 165-184.
  • Martin Anton Müller: Hermann Bahr: Österreichischer Kritiker europäischer Avantgarden. In: Zeitschrift für Germanistik, Neue Folge, Vol. 22 (2012) No. 3, pp. 628-629.
  • – online edition of the exchange between Hermann Bahr and Arthur Schnitzler
  • – scholarly website on Hermann Bahr, compiled in the course of FWF Project Hermann Bahr – Österreichischer Kritiker internationaler Avantgarden