Gustav Mahler – Digital Catalog of Works

In cooperation with the University of Innsbruck, Institute of Musicology (data input) and the International Gustav Mahler Society (consulting) a web presence with comprehensive information on life and work of Gustav Mahler (1860–1911) – one of the most prominent figures of the so-called Viennese Modernity – is to be created following the example of existing research platforms such as and already realized at the Department of Musicology. In the first step a catalog of works is established. Within the framework of the cooperation, the ACDH-CH is active both in an advisory capacity with regard to data modelling and input (Department of Musicology) and in the deployment of technical infrastructure (Data and Services).

In order to guarantee current standards for long-term archiving and interoperability, the research data collected in the project is encoded in XML-format according to the guidelines of the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI). The encoding procedure is especially suitable for storing work and source metadata in a structured and machine- and human-readable form. For this purpose, the MerMEId application (Metadata Editor and Repository for MEI Data) developed by the Royal Library of Copenhagen is used as a data repository. With the help of this application, the work and source information is entered, managed and versioned. Furthermore, the ACDH-CH is involved in the content-related and technical development of the MerMEId application together with ZENMEM (University of Paderborn) and the Oxford e-Research Centre (Oxford University). In a next step the catalog of work will be implemented in the new research platform


Project Start

1 January 2021 


Project Lead

Barbara Boisits



Clemens Gubsch





Partner Institutions