˂TEI˃Enricher is an experimental XML editor geared towards the needs of people working with TEI documents. It comes with built-in features that ease the working on large text documents. Furthermore, it provides functionalities to deal with documents containing text passages written in alphabets that run right-to-left and functions being of interest to people working in linguistics.

˂TEI˃Enricher was developed as part of the ACDH-CH’s VICAV project cluster (WIBARAB, SHAWI, TUNOCENT) and has also been used to work on lexical data such as the VICAV dictionaries, the Concise isiZulu-English Internet Dictionary and the Small Dictionary of Contemporary Persian.

It can be used to train a wide range of basic technologies used in text technology such as XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS, etc. It also helps to create and edit linguistic standoff annotations, it provides functions to chunk and tokenise texts and has built-in functions to work with geo locations.

˂TEI˃Enricher visualises XML texts by means of XSLT. It converts whole documents, but can also perform partial transfomations on the basis of customised xPath expressions.

The application is written in Free Pascal (Lazarus) and is freely available. Bear in mind, that both the program and its documentation are work in progress and as such incomplete and prone to change.

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