Responses to Persecution: Documenting Life and Destruction in the Holocaust

Annotated Collection of Jewish Source Materials on the Persecution, Expulsion, Destruction and Survival of the Jews in Austria, 1938 - 1945

The aim of this project is to collect, present, annotate and analyze a wide range of sources reflecting Jewish responses to Nazi persecution in Austria. These sources comprise official and semi-official correspondence, reports, questionnaires, Jewish organizations bulletins, letters, diaries, postcards as well as photographs taken by Jews and by non-Jewish organizations established for the aid of the suffering Jewish population and articles in the Jewish press. Furthermore, the project will analyze autobiographical texts, reports and interviews produced after the war. In this aspect, the source edition is unique, since it presents the Jewish perspective of persecution in the Austrian context. 

This project will not only extend the range and number of documents explored but will also analyze and present this material in the context of recent Holocaust research and innovative methodical approaches under the guiding principles of gender, generation and class as well as agency, survival strategies and resistance. The material will be presented in an annotated and concisely contextualized compilation in two volumes, presenting approximately 350 documents each. Volume I will deal with segregation, expulsion and robbery in the years 1938-1940 and Volume II with deportation, destruction and survival of those remaining in the years 1941-1945.

Lead Researcher: Eleonore Lappin-Eppel
Collaborators: Dieter Hecht, Michaela Raggam-Blesch
Duration: 2013/07/15 – 2022/12/31
Funding: Third-Party-Funding (FWF, Jubiläumsfonds, Nationalfonds)

Projectsite Topographie der Shoa for further information

Photo: Diary of the Zionist girl’s youth group Cherut (Freedom), entry on the summoning of two of its members in the internment camp Kleine Sperlgasse before they were deported. (c) Private collection (family of Martin Vogel)