Archiving Project of the Estate of Margret Dietrich (1920-2004)

To promote international research on the Early Jesuit Drama

The aim of the project is to properly record a part of the estate of the theater scholar w.M. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Margret Dietrich (1920–2004) to systematically inventorize and save a portion of it in the form of scanned files in order to support future international research projects.

A large part of Dietrich's estate relates to the Jesuit mission, the veneration of Franz Xavier and the early modern Jesuit drama with reference to Japan. In this context, the project is being carried out in collaboration with scientists from the Austrian Academy of Sciences and two Japanese universities.

At the end of her life, Margret Dietrich had prepared several publications that dealt with the image of Japan in early modern theater. Numerous documents preserved in her estate were used by Margret Dietrich to prepare these publications. In order to be able to bring to fruition her preparatory work in future international projects, to appreciate the previous research results on the reception of Japan in early modern theater and to present them to the public, appropriate archiving is necessary. A substantial part of Prof. Dietrich's estate consists of not only drafts of her own scientific work, but also transcriptions, translations, results of the analysis of unprinted sources, etc., some of which were carried out in cooperation with Otto Vicenzi (1914-2013), Thomas Immoos (1918-2001), Dorothea Weber and Andrea Sommer-Mathis. The result of this cooperation was the essay "Japanese Martyrs on the Stage of the Jesuit Theater" (1997) by Dorothea Weber, in which further planned publications on this topic were referred to.

Publications:  Akihiko Watanabe

Team leader: Akihiko Watanabe (Otsuma Woman’s University, Tokio)

Project staff (in alphabetical order):   Elisabeth Großegger (ÖAW, IKT), Haruka Oba (Kurume University, Fukuoka), Stefan Sienell (ÖAW, BAS:IS), Andrea Sommer-Mathis (ÖAW, IKT)

Student assistant:  Komari F. Tanaka (Universität Wien)

Funding: Third-party funding: Otsuma Grant-in-Aid for Individual Exploratory Research of Otsuma Women’s University (seed money and inventory); research support of Kurume University (systematic recording)

Duration: 04.2020–03.2023 (planned)

Photo: Three Japanese martyrs in the novice choir of the Holy Cross (Landsberg am Lech) © Marion Romberg, in: Wolfgang Schmale (Projektleitung), Erdteilallegorien im Barockzeitalter (FWF Projekt 23980; 2012–2014)