Racism in Internet Discussion Forums about Migration and Education

In Cooperation with the Department of Linguistics, University of Vienna and the 
Institute for Corpus Linguistics and Text Technology, ICLTT (OeAW)

While racist comments in online discussion forums have repeatedly attracted public attention, more detailed research on the particular phenomenon needs to be conducted. The project “migration.macht.schule” is conducting research into discourses of migration and education as represented in the internet discussion forums of the Austrian daily newspaper “Der Standard”. Applying methods of critical discourse analysis in accordance with the discourse-historical approach and qualitative corpus-based methods, linguists are collaborating in their research with students of the BRG 3 (Federal High School – Scientific Branch) Radetzkystraße. 


Head of Project:
Rudolf de Cillia

Niku Dorostkar
Karlheinz Mörth
Alexander Preisinger

Third-Party-Funding (BMWF, Program: Sparkling Science)

2010/09/01 – 2012/09/30