Translating 'the Russian'. Staging Memory and Identity in post-Soviet Cuba and Romania

The project aims to trace transformations and translations of the role, representation and characterization of ‘the Russian’ after the collapse of the Soviet Union in Cuba and Romania. The USSR and its successor state Russia are considered a hegemonic, post-colonial power. The dissertation project focuses the staging of Russian figures in contemporary theatre, performance, film, video and radio plays. Methodologically, the project applies translational theory. Cultural translation is understood here as a performative process of negotiation between cultural differences. Two aspects of cultural translation are examined: (1) translation as negotiation of identity and (2) memory as translation. Exemplary case studies show the impact of the Soviet Union on the construction of collective identity and memory.


PHD Project

Lead Researcher:
Carola Heinrich

End of Project:

(OeAW Post-DocTrack Pilot Program 01/05 - 31/10/2016)