Memories of the Turks and Other Enemies

In Cooperation with the Institut for Social Anthropology of the ÖAW (Austrian Academy of Sciences)

The project provides a new approach to a specific group of monuments that to a singular degree have been the subject of political propaganda and a source of conflict: memorials and monuments commemorating the ‘Turks’, i.e. the Ottoman Empire, as a major adversary of the Habsburg Empire. The chief areas of investigation are the regions affected by Turkish invasions throughout Central Europe in general and the territory, which is now Austria, in particular. The period of time under investigation covers the age of the ‘cult of monuments’, i.e. the 19th and 20th centuries. The project examines the historical exploitation of images of ‘the enemy’ and reveals the conditions and processes, which made the emergence of such images possible.

Publications: Johannes Feichtinger
Publications: Simon Hadler


Head of Project:
Johann Heiss
Johannes Feichtinger

Main Collaborators:
Marion Gollner
Simon Hadler

Third-Party-Funding (FWF, Translational-Research-Programm)

2009/01/01 – 2013/12/31