The Austrian Academy of Sciences 1945–1955

The general preoccupation with National Socialism has broadened since the 1980's comprising new focuses, such as an enhanced interest in institutions of knowledge and science. Whereas universities have been researched comparatively thoroughly, the Austrian Academy of Sciences has remained nearly unresearched with the exeption of Herbert Matis' basic study dealing with the period 1938–1945. The post-war period was scarcely investigated. This deficiency will be remedied in the course of this project: The topic of continuity and transformation will be considered regarding the institutional, personal and scientific reconstitution of the Austrian Academy of Sciences between 1945 and 1955. A specific emphasis will be placed on denazification and the problems of coming to terms with the most recent Nazi past.

Publications: Feichtinger/Uhl, Die Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften nach 1945. Eine Gelehrtengesellschaft im Spannungsfeld von Wissenschaft, Politik und Gesellschaft, in: Margarete Grandner, Gernot Heiss, Oliver Rathkolb (Hg.): Zukunft mit Altlasten. Die Universität Wien 1945–1955, Innsbruck u.a. 2005, S. 313–337.


Heads of Project:
Heidemarie Uhl
Johannes Feichtinger
Dieter Hecht

City of Vienna – MA 7 (Third-Party-Funding), ÖAW

End of Project: