Cultural Transformations, Political Representations and Trans/national Identity Concepts Since 1989

The project addresses the symbolic and cultural realignment of Central Europe after the caesurae of the years 1989, 2004 and 2007. Starting from a trans-national history of relations and entanglements, the project raises questions of mutual perceptions and the production of self-images and images of the other in Austria and its “eastern” neighbours (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia). Main objective is the development of a cultural topography of Central Europe’s transformations since 1989 around the topics(1) political representation, (2) borders and spatial imaginations and (3) cultural transfers.


Head of Project:
Heidemarie Uhl

Petra Bernhardt

Third-Party-Funding (Future Fund of the Republic of Austria)

2011/02/01 – 2014/12/31