This is a study about a man, a generation and an era: a man, Arthur Koestler (1905-1983); a generation that was uprooted geographically and socially, displaced and relocated time and again; and an era that witnessed world wars and revolutions. The study, based to a large extent, on Koestler’s personal archives, will explore the exceptional and emblematic journey of Arthur Koestler through the centers of avant-garde creativity and revolutions such as Vienna, Paris, Berlin, London, Moscow and Palestine. It is one of the main hypothesis of this project that Koestler’s embeddedness in a Jewish-German-Austrian culture endowed him with a secular messianic approach to life, turning it into a continuous quest for utopias and radical crusades that affected western thought of the twentieth century and contributed a new dimension to the Jewish modern secular thought. The goal of the project is a new book.


Head of Project:
Heidemarie Uhl

Lead Rearcher:
Sandra Goldstein

City of Vienna MA 7 – Science, The Future Fund of the Republic of Austria

2016/09/01 — 2018/08/31