The Kärntnerthortheater in Vienna, 1728–1748

The project focuses on a period in the history of the Kärntnertortheater that is of interest for the history of opera not only in Vienna, but also in Europe. Erected in 1708 as a public theatre for German comedies, from 1728 on, it increasingly produced Italian operas, a genre until then reserved for the court and the nobility. In the period under investigation the theatre changed from a largely autonomous theatre for spoken plays to an opera house controlled by the court. The goal of the research project is to study the origins, selection, and adaptation of these operas as well as their realization on the stage of the Kärntnertortheater.  

Lead Researcher: Andrea Sommer-Mathis
Collaborator: Danièle Lipp
Funding: Limited Third-Party-Funding (City of Vienna MA 7 – Science)
Duration: 2010/03/01 – 2022/12/31

Photo: Kärntnertortheater with Hanswurst. © Library Theatermuseum Wien