In Cooperation with the Department of German Studies of the University of Vienna and ViennAvant

While there are numerous studies discussing the players and sites of the Viennese avant-gardes from 1945 to the present available, comprehensive research on the transdisciplinary and transmedial relations between the individual movements and the local conditions governing these avant-gardes is still lacking. The Atlas of Viennese Avant-gardes (AVA), as an innovative digital product, aims at closing this major research gap and at enabling the translation of traces of memory into an interactive realm of experience. Building on a pilot project on human experiments (Human Experiments after ’45.Human experimentation as an interface between cultural and scientific history), it reconstructs the history of the Viennese avant-gardes between 1945 and 1975, both across artistic fields and with respect to their chronological and spatial relations. Its goal is to make central actors, media and spaces visible, as well as to highlight relevant discourses, experiments and historical contexts. By this the AVA also sheds new light on the first decades of the Second Republic.

The Atlas of Viennese Avant-Gardes (AVA)
(1st project stage)

Atlas of the Viennese Avantgardes
A continuation of the project takes place at the Institute for German studies. Financing of Go!Digital Next Generation.


Project Team:
Sabine Müller
Roland Innerhofer
Elisabeth Großegger
Johannes Feichtinger

Limited Third-Party-Funding (City of Vienna MA 7 – Science)

2010/09/01 – 2018/12/31