ERASMUS+ Mobility Meeting  "Universidad de León and ÖAW - ACADEMY CORPORA" about "Text Corpora and Corpus Research"

  • Area de Biblioteconomía y Documentación. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Universidad de León

    Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Biblioteca. Universidad de León

    Servicio de Informatica y Comunicaciones. Edificio CRAI-TIC. Universidad de León.

    Campus de Vegazana s/n  24071 LEON, SPAIN

    PROGRAMM 18.-20. Mai 2016, 9.00-17.00h:

    • Introduction meeting with Hanno Biber:

      Some of the main projects of ACADEMY CORPORA, for example the AAC-Fackel, a digital edition of the satirical journal Die Fackel AAC (originally published by Karl Kraus 1899-1936)

    • Presentation meeting of the project TRACE by Maria Luisa Alvite Diez, Leticia Barrionuevo Almuzara, Maria Teresa Buron Alvarez with Hanno Biber, Evelyn Breiteneder and  Barbara Tumfart

    • Lunch with the team

    • Meeting with Hanno Biber:

      • The online database of the AC parallel corpora

      • Visit to the local datacenter and digitalisation equipment

      • Some issues of the newspaper “Die Zeit” in the Second World War period and its censorshiped articles

    • Meeting with Barbara Tumfart:

      • Alignment and tagging methods and tools in some nineteenth century’s theatrical texts

      • Tagging in XML TEI

      • Advantages and disadvantages of using InterText editor for aligned parallel texts

      • Use of the AC-Aligner tool

    • Lunch with the team

    • Meeting with Andreas Dittrich and Mathias Müller and Dominic Horinek:

      • Process of original texts with  ABBYY FineReader (OCR) software

      • Transformation of texts in htm format to XML TEI format with a phyton script

      • Steaming process of texts with the RFTagger tool and the TreeTagger  tool

    • Meeting with Hanno Biber

      • A corpora database with twitter messages and analytics and visualization with Kibana software

    • Lunch with the team

    • Visit to the historical building of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

    • Meeting with Mathias Müller and Dominic Horinek

      • A text corpus about the relationships between the characters in “weiter leben” of Ruth Klüger

      • Use of the open platform Gephi

    • Meeting with Hanno Biber

      • Parallel corpus and alignment in the Sigmund Freud’s text “Die Traumdeutung” and the russian translation text.

    • Meeting with Evelyn Breiteneder

      • Thomas Bernhard