(45) Human-Experiments after ‘45
(44) Between Back Province and Metropolis
(43) Orientalisms in Comparison
(42) The Myth Prince Eugene
(41) Salvaged Depth. The Knowledge of the other Modernism 1930–1960

(40) Arthur Köstler
(39) The Viennese Vormärz-Slavica-Project
(38) European Neo-Avant-Garde
(37) ZEITUHR 1938
(36) The Collected Works and Letters of Ernst Freiherr von Feuchterleben.
Historical Critical Edition and Commentary (KFA)

(35) Historisch-Kritische Edition: Sämtliche Briefe von und an Friedrich und Dorothea Schlegel
(34) The Aspangbahnhof as deportation site
(33) Staging and Translating the “Russian”. Translating 'the Russian'. Staging Memory and Identity in post-Soviet Cuba and Romania
(32) Bringing Together Divided Memory
(31) Vienna around 1900 and the Jewish intellectuals of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(30) Kulturwissenschaftliche Studien zur Politischen Kommunikation und kollektiven Identitäten in Digitalen Spielen
(29) Hans Jaray (1906-1990) – Actor, director and author
The linguistic and artistic aesthetics at the Vienna Theater in der Josefstadt as constitutents of an Austrian identity

(28) Commemorative Book for the Victims of National Socialism at the Austrian Academy of Sciences
(27) Memory – Dance – Music
(26) „Mischlinge“ and „Geltungsjuden“. Everyday life and persecution of women and men of “half-Jewish” descent in Vienna, 1938-1945

(25) The Holocaust in Recent Memory: Conflicts - Commemorations - Challenges
(24) Critical Bilingual Anthology of Italian Poetry, 1945–2001
(23) Austria and Its Neighbours
(22) After the traces of our neighbors: Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Holocaust
(21) The Topography of the Shoah. Memorial Sites of Destroyed Jewish Vienna

(20) Responding to Complex Diversity in Europe and Canada (RECODE)
(19) On the Culturalization of EUropean Politics
(18) Historical Research at the Imperial Academy of Science in Vienna:
Programs and Procedures between 1847 and 1902

(17) Romipen
(16) Shifting Memories -  Manifest Monuments. Memories of the Turks and Other Enemies

(15) EUROSPHERE. Diversity and the European Public Sphere. Towards a Citizens' Europe
(14) The Mauthausen Seminar: Representing and Exhibiting History at Memorial Sites
(13) migration.macht.schule. Rassismus in Online-Diskussionsforen über Migration und Bildung
(12) Erzählte Ökonomie: Der Diskurs der Wirtschaft in der deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur
(11) The Redesign of the Austrian Memorial Site in the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

(10) The Redesign of the Mauthausen Memorial Site
(9) Street Names as Sites of Memory. The Case of Scholars' and Scientists' Names in Vienna
(8) Public Stages: An International Comparison of Heroes' Squares
(7) RTN Research and Training Network TIES: The Integration of the European Second Generation
(6) Agricultural Memory in the European Union

(5) Scientific/Scholarly Change in Culture Studies in Austria/Central Europe (1848–1938)
(4) Continuity and Transformation. The Austrian Academy of Sciences 1945–1955
(3) "der Türckische Säbel ist vor der Thür..." (Abraham a Sancta Clara). A reasessment of images representing the Turks in Vienna
(2) A Topology of Irony. In between the Self and the Other
(1) The Afterlife of Restitution. About the Meaning of Restitution for the Victim Experience, Family Memory and Cultural Memory