Fabian Kümmeler

M.A. M.P.S.


Fabian Kümmeler is APART-GSK Fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in the research unit Balkan Studies.

Brief Biography

Fabian Kümmeler studied medieval and modern history, musicology, and peace and security studies in Bonn, Haifa and Hamburg. In 2018, he received his PhD with distinction at the University of Vienna. From 2011 to 2019, he was a research assistant in the interdisciplinary, FWF-funded SFB “Visions of Community: Comparative Approaches to Ethnicity, Region and Empire in Christianity, Islam and Buddhism (400–1600 CE)” at the Institute for East European History at the University of Vienna. Previously, he worked as a student assistant in the editing project “Acta Pacis Westphalicae” (2005-2010) and thereafter as a researcher at the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe (2019-2020).

Research Interests

Period: 13th to 17th centuries
Area: Southeast Europe, particularly the Venetian Stato da Mar, the Danube region, Poland-Lithuania and the Baltic region
Topics: Cultural history of pastoralism between transhumance and sedentarism; micro-history of rural societies; law and administration in Venetian Dalmatia; insularity and entangled maritime history; historical peace and conflict studies; socio-cultural history of urban-rural interactions in Eurasia.

Selected Publications

  • Ländliche Gemeinschaften im venezianischen Dalmatien im Spätmittelalter: Lebenswelten und Gemeinschaftsvorstellungen auf Korčula im Vergleich (1420–1499), Munich forthcoming.
  • Practicing Community in Urban and Rural Eurasia (1000–1600). Comparative Perspectives and Interdisciplinary Approaches, Leiden forthcoming [ed. together with Eirik Hovden and Judit Majorossy].
  • “Herdsmen as a Socio-Professional Community in Late Medieval Dalmatia,” in: Comunità e società nel Commonwealth veneziano, ed. Gherardo Ortalli, Oliver Jens Schmitt and Ermanno Orlando (Venice, 2018), 111–127.
  • “The ‘Others’ from Within: Herders between Rural Communities and Venetian Governance on Late Medieval Korčula,” in: Otherness in the Middle Ages, ed. Hans-Werner Goetz and Ian N. Wood (International Medieval Series 25), Turnhout forthcoming.
  • “The World in a Village: Foreigners and Newcomers on Late Medieval Korčula,” in: Towns and Cities of the Croatian Middle Ages:The City and the Newcomers, ed. Irena Benyovsky Latin and Zrinka Pešorda Vardić, Zagreb forthcoming (DOI: 10.1553/0x003836b0).