Research Scientist
Hearing Cluster
Psychophysics and Audiology

Tel: +43 1 51581-2521
Email: maike.klingel(at)

Academic Background

2015: BSc in Psychology at the University of Vienna

2017: MSc in Psychology (Mind and Brain master’s program) at the University of Vienna. The master’s thesis (“Plasticity of spatial processing in normal hearing: Reweighting of binaural cues”) was conducted at the Acoustics Research Institute (ARI) of the OeAW.

2023: Dr.rer.nat (with distinction) in Psychology (doctoral program of the natural sciences) at the University of Vienna, conducted at ARI. The dissertation “Reweighting of binaural cues: Generalizability and applications in cochlear implant listening“ was funded by the uni:docs fellowship program of the University of Vienna and included research stays at the University of California, Riverside, Boston University, and the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia.

Current Research

Maike Klingel is interested in spatial hearing in normal and in electric (via cochlear implants) hearing as well as speech understanding in complex environments. Within the project „SELECT: Towards more Selective Stimulation with Cochlear Implants” she studies the effect of reducing perception-irrelevant pulses during the stimulation with cochlear implants on speech understanding in complex environments.