Research Scientist
Physical and Computational Acoustics

Tel. +43 1 51581-2505
Email: christian.kasess [at]

Scientific IDs:
ORCID: 0000-0002-5644-7229

Academic Background

Christian Kasess studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Graz (Diploma: Estimation of Time-Variant Multivariate Autoregressive Models using Kalman Filtering). After this he studied physics at the University of North Carolina finishing working on a model for frequency sweep direction selectivity in primary auditory cortex. In 2009 he finished his PhD in Medical Physics at the Medical University of Vienna working on brain connectivity models (Thesis: Investigations into Effective Connectivity using Dynamic Causal Modeling based on Functional MRI).

He started working at the Acoustics Research Institute in September 2010.

Current Research

The main areas of research at ARI concern environmental noise and the mitigation thereof as well as speech production models. Specifically, the following topics are of interest:

  • Simulation of noise barriers using the 2.5D boundary element methods
  • Efficient quadrature for 2.5D boundary element calculations
  • Psychoacoustic evaluation of railway and road traffic noise as well as noise reduction methods
  • Estimation of the vocal tract geometry from speech samples, in particular nasal stops, using an estimation scheme based on variational Bayes