Mathematics and Signal Processing in Acoustics
Research Scientist

Tel. +43 1 51581-2526
Email:  JoseLuis.Romero(at)

Academic background

José Luis Romero is assistant professor at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Vienna, and also an associate member of ARI. He was awarded a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Buenos Aires (2011) under the supervision of Ursula Molter. José Luis Romero has received several research fellowships including Fulbright (US Department of State) and Marie Curie (European Commission). He has also received the best paper award of the OEAW (2018) and an FWF START award (2019). In 2020 he was elected young member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (Junge Akademie der OEAW).

Current research

His research interests include harmonic analysis, time-frequency and time-scale analysis, signal processing and acoustics, statistical estimation, stochastic point processes, and mathematical physics. Further information.



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