Psychoacoustics and Experimental Audiology

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Academic Background

Michael Mihocic completed two academic studies at the UAS Technikum Wien: Electronics with a focus on audio-and-video engineering and computer-and-system engineering, and Innovation and Technology Management. He is author of two master's theses: "Localization of sound sources with a multi-channel measurement system", in the year 2005, under the supervision of Holger Waubke and "ExpSuite: A Software FrameWork for Psychoacoustic Experiments and Acoustic Measurements", in the year 2014, under the supervision of Piotr Majdak.

Current Research

Michael Mihocic is member of the group Psychoacoustics and Experimental Audiology. He develops (audiological) software (ExpSuite: Software for Psychoacoustic Tests, Subjects) and runs psychoacoustical experiments and acoustical measurements. Furthermore Michael Mihocic is maintaining the technical field of the Lab Facilities at the Acoustics Research Institute. He is also part of the audio measurement team (room acoustics; car and train noise measurements).



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  • Mihocic M. (2014) ExpSuite: Open Source-Framework zur Durchführung psychoakustischer Experimente und akustischer Messungen. . Wien.
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Additional Information

Membership, Functions

Michael Mihocic is member of the board of the Austrian Section of the Audio Engineering Society.